Crime along 3rd St

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Two instances this weekend. One being the hate crime near 3rd and Q, and the other being a robbery at the corner store at 3rd and P.

I don't know what to say about the hate crime, except that thankfully it did not get worse. I'm thinking of the transgendered victims who were stabbed 5 years ago, not too far from 3rd and Q. If the perps of this recent crime were under 18, I'm not too hopeful that justice will be found.

The corner market at 3rd and P was robbed Sunday around 5pm by two men in black and grey clothing leaving in a black cadilac. The store has been the target of crime recently. Apparently this is the 2nd robbery in 2 weeks. Before that, there was the broken window. Those of us nearby this market can support the store by stopping in purchasing something and giving words of support. We should not let criminals define us as a neighborhood and we should fight evil with good.

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