Another DCPS vs DCPCS article in the Post

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Every time I read something about DC Public Schools vs the DC Public Charter Schools and how 'unfair' it is for DCPS, I think, PARENTS LEAVE. Well unless the parents are in the boundaries of an awesome public school, otherwise they pack up. Some might do private or Catholic, but it is easier to pack it up and go where parents can joyfully support public schools, not here.
This time no different as the Post explores expulsion rate differences between DCPS and DCPCS . Reading the multipage article I wondered, how do these rates compare to nearby school systems (the ones that parents run off to) or other urban school systems? Seriously, DCPS vs Baltimore at least. One little mention, because that would put DCPS's policy of not expelling problem student into perspective. I did a quick check and in the 90s Baltimore expelled 1.9 to 3.7 students per 1,000. That's still way more than DCPS.
It's a philosophical thing, according to DCPCS board executive director Scott Pearson :
"Such a low rate implies a philosophy, Pearson said, "that there is essentially no behavior that is so egregious, so disruptive to the school environment that it shouldn't be handled through expulsion."

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