A tale of two Union Markets

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It has been a while since I have done some heavy shopping at the Union Market (aka Florida Ave Market and Capital City Market). Yesterday was my second visit in a longtime.  My shopping goal was to snag some cheap veggies, maybe some tofu and get a cornish game hen from Harvey's Market in the new Union Market building.
There are two markets.  A rougher, ethnic, chaotic, cash only market and the very nice, very clean, yuppified one that costs more but worth it. I like both.
I started off at Sam Wangs to get zucchini to make zucchini chips, maybe some mushrooms, and some citrus. Then looked for some tofu, they didn't have the size I wanted of the super firm tofu, so no tofu for me. Next up was Mexican Fruit where I got bananas (to make banana chips), a grapefruit and some other stuff. At this point I had one very heavy canvas bag of stuff and spent $12.
I walked over to the shiny new Union Market building that replaced the old one that burnt down. The old flea market was gone, and in its place was parking. The street in front of the building was closed off and had bike parking. Inside there was a different demographic from the other side of the warehouse area. Inside it was nice and clean and well lit with a English speaking buzz. There I bough spinach, potatoes and brussel sprouts from one vendor, and eggs and milk from another. Sadly Harvey's Market did not have any tiny chickens. Pig head yes, small game hen, no. I think I also bought some cheese. Everyone took my VISA and I spent two to three times as much as I did on the other side of the market.
Then I went to Litteri's which a little bit of both worlds. Pasta was bought.


regretting stopping at sam wang's after the latest vinnie citrus news?

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