1935 map of juvies

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I must credit Ghosts of DC for first putting this up yesterday. It is a 1935 map of Juvenile Delinquents. Of course I first pin pointed my attention to the Truxton Area, then the rest of Shaw, where the hotbed of bad kids live. Shaw and SW DC.

Anyway, the Ghosts of DC site has a lot of pretty pictures , but doesn't give you too much to go an explore on-line sources for yourself. So I used my super-librarian powers (I didn't even need to touch rings with the Help who also holds a MLS to activate) to find the jumbo sized map at the Harvard Map Collection Digital Map's site.

As for those great maps of DC with outlines of buildings, some of them are Sanborn maps on the Library of Congress' Maps and Geography website.

I have my own scan of a 1934 map of adult offenders by census tract.

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