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Hole in the sidewalk

My last post said that "everyone in the District deserves better policing and city services, but I've learned it doesn't come without lots of demanding". The pictured pot hole in the sidewalk probably won't get addressed without someone advocating that it get fixed. That pothole has been there for years.
First thing to ask is does the city even know it is there? Maybe. I might have reported it years ago but never followed up. But unless someone from the city happens to pass this hole on the 1700 block of 4th, AND can do something about it, it will be like this for more years. Or I or some other citizen can bring it to the city's attention, engage in some follow up (which I haven't done) if the problem isn't addressed within a few months, repeat the request and seek other options (asking for help from the ANC, Ward Councilperson's office, or guerrilla repair).
The city must have thousands if not millions of little things wrong or going wrong in the city that the city government may not be aware of, besides crime. There are apps and the on-line features that help alert various government agencies of illegal rentals, burned out lights, trees that need attention and the like. There are other issues that take some work to alert city agencies, such as dead people getting the senior citizen tax relief credits and vacant properties taxed at the wrong rate. A few weeks ago I tried contacting the Office of Tax and Revenue about a vacant property and had the wrong email because the email had changed.... Anyway, reported it, and it still being taxed at the regular residential rate. When I think of it in a few months, I'll bug them again. The point of it is that the citizens have to help the city, and citizens are apt to advocate for their own corner of the city.
I wonder if citizen in lower income parts of the city advocate as much and as often as those with higher income citizens. There must be a study out there...

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