Where is Truxton Circle?

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Last night was great. I and my indexers were at the DC Humanties Council DC Community Heritage Project Showcase. We exhibited our little brochures and examples of what one could find at TruxtonCircle.org. Our two most asked questions were the following:

Where is Truxton Circle?


Where the hell is Truxton Circle?

For the purposes of the study area it is the Northwest neighborhood bounded by North Capitol Street, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Florida Avenues NW. You could also say it's bounded by New Jersey, Florida, and New York Avenues, including the NE portion. But most of the NE portion is DDOT, a gas station, the Wendy's, a butt ugly pop-up, and a handful of houses.

It helped if I mentioned that the physical circle no longer exists. I hope I have answered the question.

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