What's wrong with 1622 4th St NW, oh curious buyers beware

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Even in the little things they failed. There was nothing above the door for days.
Not even sheet of plastic to protect from rain or birds.

Ran into a neighbor who said there were two different couples inside 1622 4th Street NW looking like perspective buyers today. This very pretty deathtrap isn't even listed yet as far as I can tell three perspective buyers have looked at it. Where are they coming from? Are people driving around looking for construction?
I've updated the page "What's wrong with 1622 4th St NW". When I described the framing that I witnessed to an architect at a holiday party I attended he was shocked someone would do that and agreed that kind of framing job I described was dangerous.
Anyway I direct the rest of this posting to the would be buyers of 1622 4th St NW, in Washington, DC:
It looks pretty doesn't it? The glass backsplash and the new kitchen appliances are impressive. And you have to say the large house numbers, the dark mulch and the fence have much in the way of curb appeal. You've might also gotten the feel that it's on a pretty good block, not a lot of trash and people rake the leaves.
It looks perfect and so you'll never have a reason to question the integrity of the building. It's new so it has to be good right? Nope.
It was bought by a Mr. Fatukasi in May of this year from a long time resident who never really took care of the place, particularly the exterior.  In late April apparently there was a postcard permit (PC58019986) to do interior demo. You can look at PIVS to check the permits issued, and I strongly advise you to check the permits, what was filed, and when the work was approved. Just because a permit is issued does not mean the work was done right. Double check those approvals.
I also strongly advise you to look into the Stop Work Orders. They were issued for a reason. They are the red flags I want to point out to you. The first was issued on July 13, 2012 (CIC1201939), and a second on September 4, 2012 (CIC1202379). There hasn't been an inspection of the work of the house by the city since the last stop work order. Supposedly a commercial 3rd party (Bello Bello Associates) has inspected the property, but their name is only on the pre-Stop Work Order permits I could find. As far as we can tell whatever 3rd party Mr. Fatukasi has, they don't have to submit the approved structural, fire, electrical or plumbing inspections, the inspections that you dear buyer are depending on to keep you safe, until the final review. Now if you go an buy this house prior to all that, prior to the final review, then you've screwed yourself.
Also dear buyer, if you ignore my warnings and are convinced that the contractors fixed the problems I and other neighbors witnessed, please get a superstar inspector. Hell, find one with x-ray vision.
Ours is a pretty neat block. When there is a good house available, I'll let you know. When there is a bad house, guess what? I'm letting you know.

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