Truxton Circle, Dunbar/M St High School, what's next

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Sq 554- 1939-MLK
Taken at the MLK Library,
Washingtonia Collection.
At the DC Humanities DC Community Heritage Project Showcase a question was asked if there would be any collaboration between Truxton Circle and the M St High School/Dunbar project. Unfortunately, it did not seem that anyone from the Chowan Discovery Group (sponsor) was there to answer the question.
These things can get solitary in some aspects because you're so focused on your own thing. I had no interaction with the people doing "Dunbar High School- The Classic Age," mainly because I was focusing on different sources, in a different medium, over a different time period. Little matter that Dunbar High wound up in the Truxton Circle study area and we happen to be doing this in the same year. Also my focus is on individual people, thousands of individuals, and not organizations or buildings.
I'd hope that a lot of Dunbar High School related matter is over at the Charles Sumner School Archives, a wonderful resource regarding all things DC Public School related. I used this resource when trying to figure out what was the racial make up of the Twining School, which is now gone. It shared a square with Dunbar. I guess when Dunbar tore down their brick building to replace it with a prison-like structure, they tore down Twining as well. But I digress.
What is next?
Well in 2013 I'll celebrate the 10th anniversary of InShaw and end the blog. I will turn my attention to doing more neighborhood history at among other things. What I want to do is take a closer look at individuals, find out what's their story, and continue error checking. I'd like to bring the DC city directories and DC tax records that show ownership. I want to dig deeply into the character of the neighborhood by looking closely at the people of the neighborhood. I know I need to do a better job of explaining the census and how to use and understand the information. Please ask questions, because that is the only way I know that I'm missing something.
One of the reasons I am so happy to have the data up on Truxton Circle, is that I can talk about things and not be the only one holding on to this information. Also don't be afraid of the information, and if you're not sure about something, just email me and ask.

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