Thursday Misc

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600 T St Nw

600 T St NW

Trash collection is going to be off by one day.(BACA)

City Market at O blog claims their bathrooms in their junior apartments are roomy enough for 7 construction guys to stand around in.

If 40% of y'all are leaving to visit elsewhere (Post) for Christmas, make sure someone is going to keep an eye on your house. I'd rather be in Vegas for Christmas, but nah, I'm stuck here. Anyway put a hold on the mail and ask someone to remove the Chinese takeout menu from the door.

DC Urban Turf compared Truxton Circle as well as a few other hoods from 2010 and 2012. A fun comparision would be 2002 and 2012.

DC Council voted for a surcharge with the purpose of helping those whose homes were damaged by the sewage floods this year. Let's keep an eye on this to see if this works or if residents' claims are denied, again. [Bloomingdale]

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