Some Histories Are More Popular Than Others

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I ran into an old colleague who asked if I'd be willing to speak to their African American group about my project. Truth be told I have about 2 projects, Truxton Circle is one, there is another one relating to history and DC, but it is a side-side project. So I am still a little unclear which history project we were talking about.

Whichever one we were talking about any presentation would have to be tailored to the group. Naturally. One of the few things I remember about my public speaking class in college was knowing your audience. More than likely it was the Truxton Circle neighborhood genealogy thing and my collegue mentioned that the last time I spoke I was talking about other types of people. Yes, I'm moving towards looking at the TC as a multi-racial history, where everybody counts because I'm trying to count everybody. Yes, I could look at the TC from a strictly African American perspective, that would be easy, I'd just have to focus on the 20th century and there isn't that much from the 19th. I'd examine the patterns of segregation, where Blacks were shut out of certain rentals, and the such.

Despite my own interest, I wonder if multi-racial history actually sells. I should thank Carter G. Woodson for his pioneering in the area African American (then Negro) history, so we could think about racial history in the first place. But right now I'd really like it if his house wasn't plotting to kill pedestrians with flying bricks or whatever that has the Park Service blocking off a portion of 9th St.

I don't know if there is an audience the type of history I'm interested in. The residents of the Truxton Circle neighborhood, a small section of the original Shaw neighborhood*, are my main audience. What I've been trying to do is a neighborhood history that has a multi-racial theme. I would love it if others did the same for their neigborhood or block, regardless if they find it has been one racial group dominating. The only way you'll find out is if you dig deeply.


*I like to throw this in to remind y'all.

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