No leaf pick up for you Midcity

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Leaf.JPGLooking at the DC Leaf Collection website, it looks like central /eastern Shaw/Midcity is screwed. No leaf pick up for you!

Truxton Circle will get leaf pick up on pass 1, represented by the yellow. When is Pass 1? It would be nice to know because we collected leaves in bags.... I know, you'd prefer it if we just rake the leaves into tree boxes, but there is this thing called wind. Wind blows. That wind thing picks up the leaves we have raked into the tree box and deposits them into the gutter. When the cars aren't there in the day, while we're at work, the wind then blows the leaves into the catchment basin thingamabob. Wind also blows the leaves back on to the sidewalk. We have noticed that wind is an invisible thing and if I could I really would like to take a picture of it making mess.

Another reason for the bags, besides wind. We have no clue when you (DC gov) are really going to pick up the leaves. I have no clue when Pass 1 or 2 or anyother pass is, and the window for leaf pick up is two months.

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