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DCist Exposed- From their email- "Now in our 7th year, we feature the best Washington, D.C. area photography through the eyes of the people who live, work and play here. We put up a new website this year where you can find all the past winners, links to our photo publications, and of course the application. It's just $10 to submit 3 entries by January 9, 2013. The winning images will be displayed at Long View Gallery in late March -- we host two opening nights, typically attended by well over 1,000 visitors and celebrating D.C. with local brews and other surprises." See

Lotteries are to school systems as the proposed DC Water surcharge is to Bloomingdale residents- DC Water/WASA is not generous. When it was discovered there were lead pipes all over the place, homeowners had to pay to fix the pipe that went from the sidewalk to the house, though for many of us, our front yard isn't really ours, we just have rights to plant on it. And when Bloomingdale residents put in for claims with DC Water they were told they had no claim. In the claim denial letter one resident shared DC Water doesn't admit responsiblity, so what good would a surcharge do? Will a surchage make DC Water take back blaming homeowners for not having a backflow preventers or having basement living spaces not renovated in a way that DC Water wants it? Keep in mind the ones who put in the basements are not always the ones who have the basements now. There can be a couple turnovers between renovator and current owner/renter. We've discovered that sometimes DCRA isn't enforcing all the steps going into renovations.

Get that final report in whenever- I'm pretty much done with 1622 4th St NW. According to Redfin, it is under contract and now (as far as I'm concerned) the responsiblity of the potential new owner to check into permits and construction quality. Prior to it becoming 'pending', we were following up on the permits and approvals. It went on the market and the final report, which we were told is supposed to be in 5 days after it's all done, wasn't submitted to DCRA. DCRA seemed to think it was coming at any moment (it's probably in the mail). It has been over a week since hitting the market and it appears it still hasn't been submitted to DCRA. Using my super-librarian powers I looked at the flipper/Realtor duo's (same owner and real estate agent) previous flip on the 5100 block of 3rd St NW. Looking at DCRA's PIVS they didn't seem to submit any final report there either, but I don't really know how much work there was to do there. Besides nobody bothers following up on these permit things, I know I didn't look into it when I bought my place. Going by PIVS I, and several of my neighbors did bother with a final inspection when we renovated. If you are buying a place with a basement, I'd really check up on the permits and such, so later you too won't have to get a claim denial letter from DC Water.

Bad framing.jpeg

Ballon framing-

 Speaking of 1622, I learned something about the framing I saw that alarmed me, it is a type of ballon framing. Most, many builders do not use this kind of framing. It fell out of fashion in the 30s and was not really used for attached houses. It has some plusses and minuses. See more here.

Back to DC Water- For years I have heard talk that DC Water was going to do something about the old combined sewer problem, in the future. As the future gets closer, they are changing their mind. No surprise there. A new study is another form of procrastination.

Carter G. Woodson Celebration- Never mind the decaying building. I'ma gonna just copy and paste from the H-Net site:

Dr. Carter G. Woodson Birthday Celebration
Location: Shiloh Baptist Church 1500 9th St NW, Mary McLeod Bethune
Council House National Historic Site | Map
Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Fee Information: none
Contact Name: Joy Kinard
Contact Phone Number: 202-673-2402

You are invited to join the National Park Service and
the Association for the Study of African American Life
and History to celebrate the 137th
birthday of
Dr. Carter G. Woodson.
Date:   December 19, 2012
Time:   6:00-8:00 p.m.
Location:  Shiloh Baptist Church
         1500 9th Street, N.W.
                  Washington, D.C. 20001
* Reception following the event sponsored by
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
For More Information Please Call: (202) 673-2402

Historic details on the inside- There is a house that went on the market 1431 3rd St NW. From the photos there are a lot of cute historic details inside. Would be a shame if some developer/flipper bought it, ripped out the details and replaced it with some Home Depot special.

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