Is that your bag

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Is this your bag?

Such simple words can mean so much.

This obviously is no one's bag. It is a bag filled with trash. When getting on the metro to go to a dental appointment I avoided that seat, like I do seats on the bus that have the abandoned bag of trash sitting on a seat or crammed into that little section between the wall and the seat.

Not to long after I took this picture, a unifomed WMATA employee got on. He poked at the bag with his rolled up newspaper and decided to sit behind the bag and read his paper. When the train got into Maryland, there was a Metro employee picking up trash with one of those long handled grabber sticks. He cleaned up about 2/3 of the car I was in, and chose to move on to the next car as I left the metro system. Who knows that bag of trash could still be riding the rails.

Yes, I could have picked up the bag and put it in the trash. Half of the time I do pick up Metro trash. This was one of those times I did not.

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