InShaw 2013

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I am looking forward to 2013, despite various reasons not. It's comin' regardless of what I, you or anyone else wants.

2012 was pretty productive for me. There is the on-going Truxton Circle Project that took up most of my year trying to be in line with the grant timetable. I am so happy that the street level history, or elements of that history, is available to any TC resident to use as he or she pleases. In 2013 I'd like to do more and so I'll be ending the InShaw blog sometime in the coming year (March, May or June) to make room for Truxton Circle stuff.

Page from 1921? City Directory
1921? Directory Showing New Jersey Avenue NW
house numbers and occupants.

The two sites share the same server with limited bandwith and space, so I'll be doing some data cleanup. The old Blogger version of the In Shaw blog also hangs out at , which may allow me to clean up some space by removing what's sitting on the server, so I can put up big honking data rich files about Truxton Circle residents in the early to mid-20th century. I hope in the new year to add more data, such as city directories like the one seen here. Maybe if I can figure out the OCR software for the scanner or get a good OCR program, I might be able to put them in some searchable form. But first I got to clean up 10 years of InShaw.

The blog isn't going away, it will still be available on the web, with the bulk of it sitting over at Blogspot and a few years on this server at the URL.

After InShaw, I hope to dedicate some more time to a blog I inherited but haven't updated as much as I would like, the Vacant Property blog. There are some other blogs too that I've neglected as well.

Since I started blogging there are now more neighborhood blogs with authors who cover more of what's happening on the hyperlocal level. One example is the BACA blog, it covers not just the area around Bates Street, but a bit of Blooingdale, the Hanover Street area, central Shaw and Mt. Vernon Square, since as neighborhoods we're connected and impact each other, good and bad. Also Scott Roberts of Bloomingdale of the Bloomingdale Blog and the BACA blog keeps residents very well informed.

13 doesn't have to be bad. You can be like Taylor Swift and believe that it is a very good number.  From my own area in the TC,  I can see Progression Place and the O Street market changing the skyline. They, as well as smaller projects nearby, will be done in 2013, changing the neighborhood, for the best. I'm looking forward to the new year, new neighbors, new eateries, new businesses, new challenges, and new experiences.

Happy New Year, y'all.

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