December - Holiday Misc

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Truxton Circle brochures- Some you all (y'all) got my nice colorful Truxton Circle brochures in your doors a few weeks ago, and a lot of y'all did not. If you want a brochure on how to use the website, I'll be dropping some off at the Decemeber BACA meeting, which is tonight (7PM, Mt. Sinai Church, 3rd & Q, basement, ring the bell to get in). I should have had these ready for last month's meeting, so I could do a presentation but stuff happened. Tonight's meeting is about getting together, having a good time, and giving away prizes. If that doesn't work for you and you are really interested in neighborhood history all over the city join me at the DC Humanities Council's 6th Annual Community Heritage Project Showcase on December 6th at the All Soul's Unitarian Church (click here to RSVP). I'll have brochures and the world's slowest laptop showing off the work done for the Truxton Circle website.

Live here, drink near here- Truxton Circle was featured in Curbed's Bar Crawl Living series.

Christmas Stealings- Apparently we aren't reporting stolen packages enough. The Bloomingdale blog presents a problem with potential presents being sent to your door.. the mail carrier leaving them in plain sight. If possible tell friends and family, if they must mail packages, mail them to an alternative address (work, c/o friends, a business you have a close relationship with, etc), if you don't have a spot where they could be 'hidden' from plain sight, or can't fit in your mailbox. But then again, it doesn't help if the carrier or delivery guy puts it where everyone can see it.

Costco advice- If you are not sure if a Costco membership is worth it for you, find a friend/relative in the area who does have a membership and ask to tag along. Bring cash. Before becoming a member, I tagged along with my Aunt and friends (before the 3rd kid arrived and they couldn't fit me in the minivan) who were members. In the old days I stocked up on meat, fish, trash bags, frozen shrimp, soups, and crab meat. I had a freezer and I used it. I got my TV via a relative's membership, back when 20 something inch flat screen HD TVs were pricey, now it's less than $200. I need to ask, is there another way to get to the DC Costco without getting on New York Avenue NE?

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