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Costco Sunday Wine
Sad face :-(

No wine for me at Costco. I gather if they have harder stuff, that's hidden away.
Also we figured there is another way to get to the DC Costco and not have to go on to New York Ave. We figured this on our way out, by getting on to South Dakota Ave, NE. The light is right at the Goodwill, then you go past some suburban houses a 4 way stop that isn't marked 4 way. After that you are in the big, big Costco parking lot. New York Ave, heading west, gives you a straighter shot. From the TC and Bloomingdale, the Pentagon City Costco is closer, but this one does not require crossing a bridge and the tax dollars go to the District.

The set up is a little like the Beltsville Costco we go to. There seems to be less in the way of fresh seafood though. We'll have to go on a slow weekday to spend more time meandering around and booze buying. Today we just bought a bunch of candy, vitamins and some steelhead (fish). Next time I can give a better report.

Heading back to the car we noticed a good number of Maryland license plates as well as a lot of DC tags. Good job capturing those MD dollars. Maybe all those admin assistants and other office ladies who plan the retirement parties and the holiday and other random office celebrations will stop by here grabbing sheet cakes and party platters.

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