Wednesday Misc

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Progress @ 7th & S/T- The City Paper Housing Complex blog has an article about the Progress at Progression Place, along with a slideshow. It seems a tenant has already moved in.

Speaking of progress, I've noticed the roof for the old O Street Market building is getting put in.

How soon is soon? When the Help drives me to work we pass by the corner of 9th and P where we see the sign the 'Mandalay is coming soon'. The building is coming along very slowly. They are finally putting up brick and other outer material but soon is coming at a snail's pace.

Jefferson Apartments- We're also noticing the contruction happening there too along 7th St between P and Q. The hole in the ground is getting deeper, I gather for underground parking?

UHOP screws with on-line poll. I wonder what else the church may be fooling with? Also what do the residents need to do to make sure whatever is chosen actually reflects the wishes of those of us who live here?

Trash and Recycle Bin Repair- Check out District Curmudgeon's post about getting the city to help when your bin's top gets destroyed. Yay, DPW.

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thanks for the link. so glad your blog continues on after all these years!

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