Watch your mail

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On our street we've had some mail go missing and the mail thieves have been busy.

They've stolen one neighbor's bank card and I gather kept an eye out for the PIN mailing and stole that too. They also stole another neighbor's absentee ballot, and according to the neighbor, voted in a southwestern state's election. And if I bothered to keep staring at one neighbor's stoop I may have witnessed thieves running off her parcel.

That last one I'm still beating myself up for that. I noticed what looked like a white 'if it fits it ships' packages on a neighbor's stoop. I kept looking out my window at it, thinking, it's right there, anyone could steal it. So I texted my neighbor, not sure if she was home or out (it was also cold, which was another reason I didn't venture out) to tell her she had a box at her door. Thirty minutes later it was gone. I assumed she got the message and grabbed her box. Nope.

It isn't even near the Christmas season yet.

If you are the victim of mail fraud the US Postal Service has a form for that. The USPS seems to think you'll file a police report too.

Otherwise discourage friends and family from sending boxes. Have parcels mailed to friends who have doormen or real porches or live out in some subdivision where mail never gets stolen. For expensive stuff, I mail it to the Help's work. The Bureau of Fight Club destroys all personal incoming mail or holds it indefinately, so I can never have anything sent to my work.

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