Tuesday- Local Stuff

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Tomorrow, with the exception of the 1 hour of NPR that comes on the clock radio, we're having a media blackout..... We might make another exception for TMZ. Mainly because we're tired of the idea that only two people are running for elected office, and tired of hearing Maryland and VA politics.

Belive it or not, there is other stuff on the ballot in DC. A lot of you will be chosing your ANC, that is very important and impacts you were you live. No, seriously, unless there is no chance of a zoning issue or a liquor license issue or the like ever, ever to touch your SMD (Single Member District). Choose wisely.

There are some council related things and people on the ballot that, if you haven't voted already you should be aware of. Two of the 3 proposed charter amendments relate to the City Council. Charter Amendment V is to allow 5 of 6 council members get rid of another council member for "gross misconduct." This would not apply to Marion Barry because there is a 1st Amendment exception, so he can continue to piss off the Asian American community. Proposed Charter Amendment VI is to disqualify anyone convicted of a felony while being a councilmember from ever serving on the council again. I'm not sure how to interpret this. Would it really disqualify Harry Thomas Jr.? I thought he quit the council before being convicted or am I confusing him with someone else? And also related to the City Council, a bunch of people are running. Please don't vote for idiots. I can think of two.

The good thing about all the hoopla with Maryland poltics is that it might encourage the people of Ward 9 (PG County) to stay out District elections.

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