Post-Thanksgiving Weekend Misc

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Grassroots Gourmet

I believe this Saturday is Small Business Saturday, a day to support the various neighborhood businesses that make where we live so great. Stop in and visit Bloomingdale's newest venture, Grassroots Gourmet at 104 Rhode Island Ave NW.

Another small business that may need support is in Mt. Vernon Sq., The Eagle. Say what you will about the Shaw Neighborhood List, it's cantankerous at times, but sure is more damned informative than some other email listservs where everyone plays nice. Anyway, according to a post, The Eagle is one of the few gay leather bars in the United States and the bar may have a hard time finding new digs because of various societal changes.

Sunday there will be a yard sale- Something about lava lamps and cider.

The on again, off again DC Education Blog is back on and on twitter.

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