Parcel 42

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Bus stop protest fliers

While waiting for the bus I noticed two fliers taped to the bus shelter and took a picture for you here. Looking at them I'm going to guess they come from One DC, the same folks who brought you the pre-Occupy occupation camp on that very square back in 2010.

They are worried that the invisible black folk who live on Square 42 will be displaced. Yes, I know they don't think that, but they are concerned about "displacement" but something or someone has got to be there to be displaced in the first place. The last people who were there were protesters who after sometime annoyed the mostly black residents and business living in the UHOP owned/ Reatig designed building next door. They weren't paying any rent no how anyways, so the protesters were 'displaced'.

The second flier throws out some numbers. You can see a close up here. It says the white population increased by 31.5% and the African American population decreased by 31%. There are non-sinister reasons, if you consider Logan Circle a part of Shaw... which I do. Since the 2000 census, the 14th Street got a lot of multi-unit condos, which filled with young non-black people. Other parts of Shaw also had a few big new condos and little condos smashed into townhouses. Condos are meant to be sold. One DC's target population aren't buying squat. Black people can buy condos and houses, as we are not all on the public dole, but not so much in Shaw, in large numbers. And those of us who are black homeowners, we can and do get agitated when there is talk about putting in "work force" or "low income" rental housing near us.

Besides, if you haven't noticed... there is still a lot of affordable housing in Shaw. Check out the area along 7th Street, down near M, N, O Streets, also along 5th St. It is not as if we are devoid of low income housing. There is lots of new stuff coming in and I'd rather it be things that make the neighborhood attractive and vibrant and lively in a good way. Shaw has/had been lively in a bad way too long.

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