Misc Friday

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Costco is Coming, Costco is coming. I squeeled when I got the flier announcing the November 29th opening. No more treking out to Beltsville, MD for our toilet paper stockpiling needs. I know a bunch of you other DC Costco card holders venture out to the Pentagon City to get your monthly supplies of diapers, meat trays for office parties, and cases of wine. I don't know if the DC Costco will have wine.

What do we buy at the Costco? Cases of seltzer water, shelf stable orange juice in individual serving bottles, lemon juice, olive oil, white vinegar, baking soda, rice, garbage bags, laundry soap, dishwasher soap, sponges, and the hygiene related paper products. In other words a bunch of shelf stable stuff that we use a lot of. Of course, we only buy the baking soda and vinegar (useful for natural safe house cleaning) once a year and the other stuff quarterly.

Bloomingdale Business- ABC Liquor issues- There will be a Bloomingdale Civic Assoc meeting on the 19th where of many things discussed will be supporting or not the ABRA applications for Red Hen and Aroi Thai.

Last BFM-  I believe this Sunday is the LAST Sunday for the Bloomingdale Farmer's Market. I'm going to stock up on bacon and apple cider.

1622 4th St NW saga- It is nearing the end. According to the guys banging and sawing and making a racket, they hope to be done in December. We neighbors are just thankful that it is looking like the end, but we still wouldn't recommend it to anyone. And the Help stuck his foot in his mouth when the friendly (and horribly chatty) man that he is engaged a group of people who were looking at the construction for what seemed to be a hour. It seemed a young lady in the group was looking into buying a new home. The Help leaned into the woman and said that the construction might be a little questionable. One of the persons in the group, who overheard him, said that he was the contractor. The Help apologized, but what needed to be said, was said. The description of that contractor was of a short white guy. The contractor I complained to early in the process was a black guy, so I don't know what's going on there. Since the house's 2nd Stop Work Order, there has been a slight change in the way things were done. The quality seems a bit better, but the questionable bones remain. 

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