Kids harassing an adult

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Recently neighbor was the target of street harassment. He was outside in his front yard when two teenagers came from across the street, lingered a bit a few doors down then came over to where he was. 
Luckily my neighbor was about to head in and there was a closed gate between him and the two male teens. They asked him for money. Neighbor said he didn't have any on him. One of the teens challenged him on that and moved forward towards my neighbor. There were exchanged angry words and then one of them spat on my neighbor.
My neighbor did report the incident on-line to the police. When he related the incident to me it sounded like a half hearted robbery attempt where the teens used intimidation and possibly (my memory is getting a little bad) anti-gay language. I also believe he was targeted because he was white. My neighbor didn't see it as a possible robbery, because as he told the two male teens, he didn't have any money on him. For him it was all about intimidation.
I can't relay any helpful description of the teens. They were about 15 years old, african-american, one was wearing a blue hoodie.

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