Happy Thanksgiving and self-editing

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I haven't written much as there is a thought I want to write about but it doesn't seem to want to gel right. Anyway, this Thanksgiving will be the 3rd time we host the local family for Turkey Day. I have made my life easier after 2 other tries that were wasted effort on my part. We are just hosting, we are not cooking any meat, just sides.

The first Thanksgiving I made several cornish game hens for everybody. Hardly anyone ate it and they just ate what they brought. Second time I tried for a turkey. I made some mistakes and the effort of brining and picking a hertiage turkey seemed to be a waste of meat. So this year it's, 'bring what you want to eat because apparently you like what you cook better than whatever I make'. It's a Thanksgiving pot-luck.

I volunteered to host because:

  1. Despite having a small house we can seat everyone.
  2. A small house with an open floorplan allows you to eat AND watch football.
  3. Street parking actually better than vying for the few visitor parking spaces at someone's condo complex.
  4. I don't want the long drive back home.

Before I married the Help previous family gathering conversation would eventually veer towards a list of 'all the wrongs the white man has done to us and our family'. This conversation is very hard to have when the Help (a very white guy) is sitting right there. I'm not sure if national politics will darken the table as the family has a sense of what our leanings are and that we don't enjoy arguing. I honestly hope we avoid rancor and edit the words that exit our mouths for the sake of peace and real enjoyment of each other's company. I really liked the conversations we had last year delving into family history. Instead of arguements of division were family stories and reviving the memory of missed relatives.

I wish y'all a Happy Thanksgiving. Remember to stop the newspaper and the mail while you're away ans ask a neighbor who will be around (not all of us take off) to check in on your place and remove any fliers, because crime doesn't take a vacation.

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