Chapple vs Thorpe- Too F'ing close

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Chapple over Thorpe

I'm looking at ye olde DC BOEE website and as I write this of ANC 6E01:

Kevin Chapple 274 votes

Leroy Thorpe 273 votes

Good Lord this is frightening.

Friend and Shaw activitist Martin Moulton, got 124 votes. 

As for everything else local that I give a rat's butt about... We'll still have Alex Padro and Rachelle Nigro in Shaw. Also in ANC 6E, there is Frank Wiggins, Mark Dixon, and Alfreda Judd. 6E05 is too close to be sure. Joyce Robinson Paul is my new ANC for SMD 5E05 and Terri Quinn defeated Hugh Youngblood. Sylvia Pinkney and Tim Clark were some other 5E winners. Thankfully Michael A. Brown is out.

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