5D or 3D? Crime along the border

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A neighbor alerted me to the PoP post about some good citizens finding blood, a mask, and a gun along New Jersey Avenue near R St. New Jersey is one of the boundary lines between MPD's Third District and the Fifth District. There is nothing so far on either one of the police districts' yahoo email list groups. Which side of the street determines who is handling this and who has the most information.

There was some confusion earlier this year when there was a sexual assault on the 400 blk of Q Street NW. That was in the Third police district (3D), but folks in 5D, which also has a 400 blk of Q, were very concerned about this crime. When queried by 5D citizens, 5D said they'd have to contact 3D for more information.

Back to the blood and gun found on New Jersey Ave this Sunday, we might never know. Not everyone reports things to the police or any authorities. I know of situations that have occured in my general area where someone and a few someones were hurt in the commission of a crime (there was that car accident with a stolen car several years back) where the parties, ran off, not waiting for or calling EMS. I just pray someone is not left bleeding somewhere on someone's stoop or vestibule.

ANC Nigro has more information, it appears someone shot their hand.

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