1622 4th St NW, a lesson in stop work orders

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Part of the paper work of the Stop Work Order
I decided to see if someone could find out on-line if a place has as many stop work orders as 1622 4th St, NW.
Apparently that answer is yes. I looked in DCRA's PIVS which under "Commercial Inspections" which show the record of inspections and the two stop work order. This shows a lot more than DCRA's permit status tracker. The place hasn't been inspected by a city or inspector since their last stop work order. They've already closed up the framing, they're painting, they are putting in tile. You're supposed to have an inspector come by and give you a green sticker before you put on the finishing touches. That's what I remember from my own renovation, we couldn't move forward until we got the okay from the city. Can that now be ignored? Are inspections now optional?
On the PIVS, under "Issued Permits" I see they got a permit for putting on a new roof in mid-late September. However, according to my post about the roof, I see they were doing the work in August. Um, is this a case of asking for forgiveness instead of permission? DCRA must be very forgiving and very unfair to those of us who tried to figure out the confusing system of permits for our own homes and do right by the city. But what's the point if the city lets flippers flout the rules?

- Well things have changed since I had my renovation. Apparently you don't need to post the green inspection approval stickers. You can get inspections done by a third party and not have to publicly announce/report them until, whenever. At this point to me this looks like a dead end going through the city. As neighbors we've done the best we could do on our end. May the Lord be with the poor soul who buys this deathtrap/money pit at 1622 Fourth St NW to live in.

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