Totally Unrelated to Shaw- Jim Henson's Pipes

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Traveling with the Help could be interesting. When we were in London (back when we were 'just friends') he wandered off to some BBC radio program to get interviewed and talk about radio. Since I was more interested in finding a good curry spot, I chose not to tag along. This trip he wanted to connect with some people he knew at NBC so we marched down to 30 Rock and after sucking the battery power from my phone, managed to get hold of a NBC buddy, who came down to vouch for us.
The NBC buddy took us on a tour. Somewhere around the corner where Jimmy Falon's show is shot is this:
Henson Pipes
This is what happens when Jim Henson, Frank Oz & the Muppet gang get bored.
The plaque explains it:
With Love from the Muppets
Jim Henson went to the Univ of Maryland and got his start in the DC TV market. There, that's my DC connection.
Anyway, I asked if this lovely bit of preserved art (it's behind glass) was on the tour group tour that they give at NBC. Sometimes it is.

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