Monday Misc- Gentrification Safety

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DC Less Dangerous- Forbes credits gentrification among other things. DC may no longer be Chocolate City or Dodge City due to demographic changes. I'm just paraphrasing, read it for yourself. Also Baltimore is the 7th most dangerous city. But don't let it go to your head, still be aware of your surroundings and call 911.

History-Gentrification-WP Root- The Root has an interesting article about the whole 'neighborhood history' thing in the face of gentrification/ demographic change.

Halloween on Thomas- It is looking like the event is going to be big or at least very entertaining. According to a handout the organizer has booked stilt walkers, a juggler, a magician, an aerialist, and the obligitory face painter. They are looking for donations of $50-100 and I gather one would contact eve dot hambach at afp dot com for more info.

Informed Voter- For many reasons I have sworn off voting for anyone in DC whose last name is a color. No Blacks, or Browns. No Grays or Whites. No Rosas or Verdes. No Gelbs, or Brauns. No Rouges or Gris. The City government is colorful enough with just Barry, and I've noticed the colorfully named (and two not colorfully named) are no good for the city.

Garden- Just this week I finally got a real sized tomato.

Favorite Dishes Game- This weekend's Washington Post Magazine featured Tom Sietsema's Top 40 restaurants. The Help and I read aloud certain sections and talked about dining out which led us to a little game. Name a dish that you really, really, liked and name which restaurant you've eaten it at. It was a little harder than it sounds so food trucks were added to "restaurants". The other thing is it also had to be a place that still exists.  It became obvious that the Help likes eateries because of their atmosphere. For me was that a lot of dishes that have impressed me and I've wanted to recreate, came from the now shuttered Cafe Atlantico. My other problem was I also have liked dishes from restaurants where the menu changes based on season or the chef's whims, meaning I'd see those only once. A few of my favorites are, a side of green beans, and a turnip gratin from Corduroy. Tofu pad thai from Beau Thai, particularly if I can get some lime slices. The nopalitos (salty baby cactus salad) and the grilled shrimp and zucchini/yellow squash sandwich from Oyamel. Pan con tomate and whatever small animal cooked in dried fruits (sometimes it's rabbit, sometimes it's quail) at Jaleo. The Banana milkshake from Goodie's Frozen Custard, that was sunshine and happiness in a cup. Anyway you get the idea.

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