Minor Update

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First of all major shout out to neighbor Emil and his beautiful wife for coming over and helping out with bailing out our sump pump well.
It seems that the manhole on our corner caught fire.
Which is bad.
A fire truck came out to deal with the fire.
Then Pepco came and turned off the power for two hours while dealing with the manhole.
Which is okay with me when it isn't raining because no power no sump pump pumping water away and out of the basement.
As soon as the power went out the Help and I started bailing water.
Lesson. Buy the blasted battery back up and maybe a hand powered pump. We'll look into getting a power inverter.

Anyway this song (youtube) was in my head regarding the storm.
PS- US Government closed Tuesday, according to OPM. And it doesn't look like Metro is doing much either.

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