InShaw weather report

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We saw on the local tv news that Bloomingdale Liquors looked open. So we got up and walked over for a booze run.
No dice, it was closed.
So we went over to the liquor store at 4th and Florida. Not great selection, but they are open.
So is Beau Thai. I picked up lunch. They may be open for dinner, but they are thinking if there isn't anyone there or the weather gets dangerous, they'll close early.
Shaw's Tavern is open. At 2pm they will show the movie "A Perfect Storm".
So is Big Bear. Passed by there and could really smell the coffee. According to their twitter feed, they will be open "until further notice".
Also passed by Aroi Thai, the sign was not on but I did see staff standing around the bar.
Couldn't tell if Rustik was open, but their twitter page says they are open till 3pm.
Bistro Bohem will be closed.
So get your need to walk around out now. If the dog needs walking, walk him now. Don't wait till nightfall. This thing is scheduled to hit later in the day. Pray that we never lose power. Stay safe.

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