I should do a NYC Gentrification Tour

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Have you dug the spill   
Of Sugar Hill?
Cast your gims
On this sepia thrill:   
Brown sugar lassie,   
Caramel treat,   
Honey-gold baby   
Sweet enough to eat.   
Peach-skinned girlie,   
Coffee and cream,   
Chocolate darling   
Out of a dream.   

- Langston Hughes

In the past as part of my vaction plans I would do a "gentrification tour".  In 2008 I went to Chicago after reading a bunch of Sudhir Venkatesh books about Chicago. Before that in 2006, after reading and marking up the book London Calling: The middle classes and the remaking of inner London, I ventured over to the UK and blogged about that.

This week I found myself on Sugar Hill in Harlem. Well according to Apple's map app I was staying on Sugar Hill. I've a read a few books about Harlem and the demographic changes there, but it has been a while. We found ourselves there because it was where we could find comparatively cheap lodgings on Manhattan for a meeting the Help had down near 30 Rock.

Since NYC is just a cheap bus ride away I might be able to throw in one more gentrification tour before the end of this blog next year. 

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