History of Sq 618- mainly the Unit block of New York Ave

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618-MLK-1924I'm going to have to find a way to write up a quicker history for a block because 1) Sq. 618 is small, only 3 streets and so far I've only looked at 2 of those streets over 3 posts (including this one) and 2) I don't know if anyone is digging this history at all. I've been away so I haven't heard back from many of the neighbors or you readers, and I need feedback.

There was no one on New York Ave as far as the census was concerned in 1880, so that makes it easier. By 1900 the block had filled out a bit and the main street was mostly, if not all white until 1940. In 1900 there was a black servant, living with the Irish-American Sullivan family at 69 NY Ave NW and the two Chinese men Moy Fooy and his partner Noory Hong at 89 NY Ave. 89 NY Ave NW is on the corner and would make a suitable location for a retail laundry. Mr. John Sullivan was a 32 year old Irish saloon keeper with a large family. There was another household with a live in servant, the Lotts at 43 NY Ave NW. Irish-American Mary Collins lived with Joseph Lott and his wife as a live in servant. Mr. Lott was a government clerk and it was just the three of them listed in the house.
As I moved to 1910, I scanned for any household that continued on to this next census and found the McKeivers or McKeevans (names unclear) at 83 NY Ave and Waldmans at 51 NY Ave. Those two surnames cover the 1900 and the 1910 census. I have a note about home ownership, but this is another spot where I find the census faulty and must remember once again that this thing, besides having unreadable parts, has big errors. My note that there are only 2 homeowners in 1910, whereas in 1900 there were 5. But looking at the Waldman household that carried over to 1920 they were home owners for most years except 1910, which makes me wonder. In 1910 on, there are no more live in servants. There are musicians. Arthur J. Manwell of 55 NY Ave was a 22 year old British born pianist and at another house on NY Ave was DC native Victor H. Johnson a 37 year old music director.
In 1920 John Sullivan reappears on New York Ave NW, but in a different address than his 1900 location. From 1920 to 1930 John J. Sullivan lives at 87 New York Avenue with his wife Nora. In 1920 the Sullivan family is still big but they apparently had room for 5 female boarders. As mentioned before the Waldmans carry over from 1910 to 1920, as do the Fealys. In 1910 the Fealys at 67 New York Ave were headed by Irish born Thomas, but in 1920, the head was DC native AC Fealy. AC is not mentioned, it seems in the 1910 census as one of Thomas' sons, unless a birthyear was incorrect in one of those censuses.
There are two carryover families in 1930, the Sullivans of 87, and the Donahues of 37 New York Ave.
By the 1940 the block gets more integrated than it was in 1900 and it appears quite well off. The 1940 census asked a bit more of people with questions about income and most household heads were earning over $1,000, a good amount compared to what I've seen other streets and blocks. The highest earner on the street was Dr. John Brady at 35 NY Ave earning $5K. Dr. Brady also stuck out because he also lived at 35 NY Ave in 1930. Another person who stuck out, only because of his profession was Rabbi Zamard Green, who earned $2.6K. I mentioned the block was a bit more integrated, there were 4 African American households on the unit block of New York Avenue NW. 45 NY Ave was headed by truck driver Philip Richard who made $1.56K. Mr. Jacobie Shinde at 63 NY Ave was an electrician who brought in $1.2K. Next is Mr. Carrio Beidascoas a postal clerk at 71 NY Ave earning $1.68K, and lastly Mrs. Jurea S. Allen, a widow and government statistical clerk who earned $1.25K.
This is it for New York Ave. One more street to go and that is the unit block of N St. If you want to investigate this further for yourself, please go to Truxton Circle dot org and check out the page for square 618, which is about the 1200 blk of 1st St, the unit blocks of N St and New York Ave NW. If you are interested in another square in Truxton and want to know more feel free to contact me at mari at inshaw period com or leave a comment. I don't think I'll make it through all the squares with this level of detail, so I'll need you to help me pick out which other squares I'll do.

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