Halloween- Your guess is as good as mine

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A few of our neighbors had planned a Halloween movie night gathering thing, but the storm and preparing for the storm called it off. If it rains this evening the trick or treating will be light we guess.

So will or won't kids show up at your door? Your guess is as good as mine. But here is last year's post about Halloween. Just in case, I have asked the Help to pick up some Halloween candy to make up for all the candy that I ate, that was supposed to be for tonight. All the Reese's cups are gone. Those were the 1st to go. When the Reese's were no more, I moved on to Almond Joys. I had the bag taken away from me when I started in on the Peanut M'n'Ms.

If kids do show, we'll be ready with zillons of regular M'n'Ms, Crunch and Kit Kat bars. If they don't then the interns and younger employees at work will run on a sugar high for the next week from all the candy I and the other employees will bring in.

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