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Gardening- I picked this yesterday. It was the second fruit I picked from my melon vine. The first one wasn't ripe and so with the next large fruit I cradled it in a stocking on the vine and waited til it looked like it needed picking. It turned from green to yellow and I figure it was time to eat it. So I did. Above is a picture of it.

Homicide Watch is Back!- They've got interns, Sam, Jonah and Penny are the names I'm seeing. I am very happy that the site is back to doing what DC (and every other major city) needs. I'm happy our family chipped in to support the site. I hope in the meantime a partnership with something that can support Homicide Watch for the next year and the year after that can be found. This is too important and it is a shame the big for profit newspapers nor the J-schools at Maryland, American, or Howard with all their resources didn't think of something like this.

Cook School News- BACA blog reports that there is a charter school interested in the Cook school building. And there is going to be a meeting to find if the Booker T Washington Charter School's intentions are honorable.

DC Historical Studies Conference is next week and for some reason that I cannot say* I'd encourage folks to come and see Session #6, "D.C. Records at the National Archives - Friday 1:30-2:45". One guy is going to talk about divorce records, another guy maritime records, some gal about alley related records (with photographs) while presenting another guy's presentation about maps, and some guy talking about momuments and federal buildings. If you register by Oct. 16, the fee is only $20 for that and many other sessions.

Georgetown and the Census- Since I'm doing my census project and all this post from the Georgetown Metropolian caught my eye. Georgetown's black population dropped like crazy when the TC's African American population was rising.

*I'm blaming the Bureau of Fight Club's office of Don't Do Bad Stuff.

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