Detours and terrorism

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My impression this morning as I took buses to Georgetown is that if there are clear detour routes for car traffic and buses for a known event then apparently the terrorists will win. MPD cannot give WMATA possible places to detour buses so they can turn around or go around because you never know. It might leak to the public who are trying to avoid the named streets they can't go to, who may decide to go to nearby streets only to find that those too have been closed off.

I took the G2 hoping to get to Georgetown. The route I needed, P Street, was only blocked to Wisconsin. However our driver wasn't going anywhere near that and said the bus will be going around Dupont Circle and heading back east.

From Dupont I hopped on the Circulator which got me close enough and I was happy.  When I wanted to leave, I got on a Circulator bus at the same stop. The trip back was very infuriating for the driver, as there was no clear way. He knew he wasn't going to Rosslyn and he knew he was going to turn around. I thought he'd turn on Dumbarton, as I saw a red Circulator bus chugging east on it earlier. Nope, for some reason, blocked. P? Nope. That was blocked with cars and the police seemed to be directing traffic away from it. He turned on Q and there, since cars were parked on both sides and it is a tight fit, traffic wasn't moving much there. After chatting with him, he decided to turn down a side street to P. It was clearer, but also a tight fit.

The bus' radio was alive with chatter from confused and frustrated bus operators. Traffic was a mess. It just seemed to me unnecessary unless they did have clear detour routes and MPD or someone decided to change them up. I blame terrorism. You can't have clear and open plans because of terrorists. No to keep Americans safe chaos needs to reign, and the bad guys need to be stuck in traffic, with everyone else.

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If you want to avoid the metro or other mass transit options, there's a site in the DC-area that helps people coordinate driving together here: if you don't have a car, you can pay someone else to give you a lift. If you are a driver, you can find someone to split expenses and help get into the HOV lane.

Carpooling. Because otherwise, the terrorists win.

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