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Canned Goods

As I mentioned Monday, I've been canning. I didn't can all this in one sitting. No. What's photographed is the highlight of the cellar tour, the shelves of glass. On the right, about 2 years worth of canned things, though I try to turn over canned foods within a year. There are some things, like the meyer lemon marmalade that take a little longer than a year to get through. On the left is the booze collection.

We're not preparing for the end of the world or the zombie apocalypse. If we were, I'd have more water on hand than liquor*. No, I just like controlling some of the ingredients that go into my pantry and seeing physical proof of some of my efforts is rewarding too. On the liquor side, I like putting fruit in booze. The cherries I put in vodka back in early Summer are ready to be separated out so I can make Christmas gifts of the sweet cherry liquor and the boozy fruit. I have a group of people who just love the vodka filled cherries, give's 'em a little pick me up they say. I say after eating 3 of them I get buzzed. The ones I don't give away, I'll boil the alcohol out and can some AA cherries.

This week's canning came from a desire to clean out the freezer. There were peaches, cherries, raspberry juice & pulp, and a bunch of chicken bones set aside for stock sitting in the freezer, taking up space. So I pulled out all the chicken bones and made stock, that took two days, but yieled a quart, 5 pints, and three 1/2 pints of stock, as well as stock for last night's dinner. A big tub of raspberry pulp went back into the freezer because, that's going to be more work. But there is more room in the freezer, and more shiny glass jars in the basement.

*and a better bow and arrows, and lead balls and powder.

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