Aroi Thai - Give them time

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The Help and I ventured over to Bloomingdale's new Sushi/Thai place Aroi Thai for date night and had a good time. However they have only been open a few days and are still finding their rhythm. I feel the need to mention this because of what I witnessed while we sat and ate.

I saw at least 3 groups come in, sit, and leave before getting their food or ordering. I can only guess that the people thought it was taking too long. I'd like Aroi Thai to succeed, if only for the sushi (sorry Beau Thai is our go-to Thai joint) and for the 1st St NW neighborhood dining corridor. The staff is friendly and the food was good, but until Aroi Thai finds a rhythm and gets efficient, we have to support them with patience and constructive feedback.

Also as one of those new, they just opened things, the available drinks were limited. There was water and Thai iced tea. They don't seem to have a liquor license yet, so no sake or beer to go with your meal. One of the groups that had sat down and then wound up leaving had brought their own wine and beer. I'm not sure if they could have drank it with their meal had they bothered to stay. It would be interesting to find out if you can as Bloomingdale Liquors is just feet away.

Aroi Thai also does carry out and their menu mentioned delivery. There are some photos of their Thai menu on the (currently only) Yelp review page.

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