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Chapple over ThorpeI noticed this street pole. This is the 3rd race (I think) between Thorpe and Chapple.

Not that this is an endorsement of Chapple but at least he bothered to recognize that times change and so to Ward borders. Chapple reflects that the race is for 6E02. Thorpe the throwback is running for a seat in 2C02.

I am begging y'all over in the new ANC 6E02 to NOT vote for Thorpe, unless you're wishing to go back to the bad old days of cronyism, closed governement, neighborhood  bullying, verbal gay bashing and petty favoritism. If Thorpe wins I'll just have to shake my head like I do for voters who keep Barry on the Council, and wonder what the fck is wrong with you people. Want more information, check out which needs to be updated.

For my own ANC, I belive I'm still in Bradley Thomas's SMD. He's a swell enough guy, shows up at BACA meetings and so far his biggest fault is telling long shaggy dog stories. I also like Joyce Robinson-Paul who I believe is running against him and she's been an ANC before. They are both fine people, both involved in the neighborhood. If I am mistaken about which new SMD I'm in then I'd go with Hugh Youngblood who is currently a ANC for the Bloomingdale area. My Bloomingdale friends whose opinion I trust like him and what he's done.

The ANC are neighborhood level polticians. Their decisions impact new businesses, new residential/ mixed use buildings and the ease of change and improvements in and around the street where you live. For a useful primer on ANCs check out Richard Layman's post "DC's Advisory Neighborhood Commissions".

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