A History Walk

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3rd history related post of the day, I think I might be done postin' for the week. That, and I'm still busy canning. I came on line to figure out how to can meyer lemons and had to check the BACA blog, which has nothing about canning but has announced a history walk in the neighborhood for October 27th.

It's called the Historic Dunbar Shaw Walk.
Dunbar Shaw, the name some use if Truxton Circle doesn't fit the bill. I like Truxton Circle, and the city since 1980something (seriously if you want me to dig up the Washington Post ad the city put out calling it the TC, I will) has been calling this part of Shaw by that name. It's Truxton Circle for me, people who make maps, and for some real estate agents when they aren't calling it Bloomingdale (it's on the other side of Florida Ave) or Eckington. For a few others, they call it Dunbar Shaw. If you want to play it safe just call it Shaw, or the Bates-Hanover area for the Bates Area Civic Assoc and the Hanover Civic Assoc. when you want to get specific. Confused yet?
There is history in the area and I have yet to find any great notables who lived here. I find the regular residents interesting enough. Besides people there are some buildings that are getting to be 100 years old such as the Armstrong school, where there is a charter school, the decaying Langston and the neighboring Slater and Cook schools. The reputation of the old Dunbar school was here, but that building was torn down, and soon the prison like building bearing the Dunbar name will be torn down. There are also the New York Avenue apartments that have had a long history with the neighborhood, the parts of the TC that are part of the Mt. Vernon Square Historic District, the Wardmans of the 300 blk of R and 1700 blk of 4th St NW, and a lot of other stuff that doesn't really fit well into one single coherent narrative.
I wish the organizer Ms. Ragins well because after many years of doing the BACA Flower Power walks, just the northern half of the TC is a whole lotta 'hood to cover on foot.

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