License Plate Bingo

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The Help will on occasion drive me to work, so we can spend a few more minutes together and talk about stuff. On our way downtown he'll take P Street west and we will sometimes hit KIPP traffic. If not distracted by the dogs at the dog run across the street we will play license plate bingo while waiting for parents and guardians to drop off their charges.

I would say the last time we were on the 400 block of P St NW, I said looking at the different tags parked, "DC, Maryland, Maryland, Maryland, Maryland, DC..." There just seems to be a large number of Maryland tags for this DC public charter school when we pass through. Now I understand in a world of divorce and broken families, the person dropping the kids off may not be the primary parent, and that person may not live in the District. Then there is competition and wait lists to get into KIPP, I wonder what happens when a DC family moves to MD. Of course there are plenty of KIPP kids getting to school by foot and WMATA, when I'm not being chauffeured, those are the ones I see.

I'm not really thinking deeply about this, I'm just writing what I've observed in the morning.

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