Wear a helmet

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A bad thing happened in a good place at a good time.
I was chatting with some neighbors and then was heading back to my house when I heard a bicycle crash over the construction noise at 1622. A guy had fell from his bike and crashed into the ground. When he didn't get up immediately, I walked over to ask if he was okay.
He didn't say anything, he just lay there twisted and making snoring like noises.
Then I saw blood coming out the side of his face.
I didn't have my phone on me and luckily the neighbors I was just speaking to were still out and I yelled for someone to call 911. At least 2 or 3 people called 911. While waiting for the paramedics (police showed up first) there were several of us keeping him from moving, keeping him talking and awake and comforting him when he gained consciousness.
There's nothing on the street that looked like a hazard that would throw a cyclist off their bike. The fallen man said it felt like something hit him. That could have been the possible concussion talking or something could have flown off of 1622 (they are doing construction on the roof). Whatever happened it was a pretty bad fall with scrapes all over. We didn't want him to move because it was possible something might have broken.
The reason why I write this is to remind y'all to wear a helmet. Your head is a bad body part to stop your fall with.

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