Tiny House in the Hood

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Tumbleweedy house
I think it is one of those Tumbleweed houses. I'm not sure as there are other tiny houses out there. If you have never ever, ever seen of or have heard of tiny houses check out the Tiny House blog. It's not just tiny cabins smaller than your uncle's tool shed, there are also at times posts about people living in small apartments in a cool way, as opposed to an oppressively crowded way.

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Hey, thanks! This is my house! Yes, it's a Tumbleweed (Lusby design). This month, I moved from California to Florida to help out my folks. My tiny house was moved to DC. It's in the pictured location until the tiny house community, Boneyard Studios, can make space on their lot. I wasn't able to follow my tiny house, so this is the first I've seen of it. It's nice to know it's still looking good after its long trek!

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