The 1622 4th St NW saga continues

1622 roof
Roof line between 1620 and 1622
Portions of neighboring house front hacked off

Just when I thought it couldn't get worse. I figured the new owner would have learned from the stop work order, but alas, no. And I really feel bad for the people living in the adjoining houses, because I believe what is going on at 1622 4th Street NW is endangering the integrity of the neighboring houses. Why, because this weekend, he had workmen rip off the roof and replace it with something newer but less solid.

The paint, nor the fences, nor the architectural details give an exact line of where one unit starts and the other begins. Until now we shared one big happy roof. A roof where rain and snow spread evenly across. It seems in ripping off the roof, they ripped off portions of one of the neighboring unit's property. It's concerning about how well this change will keep out rain or stand up to a heavy snowfall. Not just for 1622 but for the adjoining units, at the sections where the new meets old. The whole ball of questionable everything else does not inspire confidence.

Speaking of questionable, I did look at the posted permits in the window of 1622, which say nothing about ripping off the original roof structure. I noticed that two of the permits have the old owner's name on them, dated months after the sale of the property.


We will schedule an inspector to go out and visit this property to ensure the work occurring is being done with permits and within the scope of the approved building plans.

Helder Gil

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