Stop Work Dilemma

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Stop work order
The work has restarted at 1622 4th Street NW after a pause caused by lotsa complaints from neighbors and the stop work order. Now everyone just wants the house to be done.
The problem with stop work orders is that they can leave you with a half done, exposed and messy worksite on your street ( or next door, if you're unlucky) with no idea of when work will start up again. And because of that one may not want to push the city to issue another order again, because all you want is for the work to get done and the construction crew and their trash to go away.
So with that in mind, I'm hoping the crew at 1622 will get done quickly, despite some small and possibly not so small things that just aren't right. One of those things is still a paperwork issue and the other..... I'm not a construction professional, but whoever is the next tenant of 1622 I would not recommend putting a lot a weight on the second floor. The framing looks, odd. But you know that's what city inspectors are for, and if they are not for that, well... I'll be happy when this is all done.

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