Pizzarro - Pizza I'd make if I weren't busy with other stuff

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Pizzarro DC
Pizzarro the Pizza not the Conquistador
467 Florida Ave NW
It was my night to cook and really I was busy with other stuff, like working on the data for Truxton Circle (1940 is up for the NW corner of the TC), so we decided that we could get something. Now the regular I'm too lazy/tired/busy to cook carry out is Beau Thai. Love Beau Thai, but we tend to order the same thing everytime. Bacio was too far as far as my tired feet were concerned and we'd been meaning to check out that new pizza place down the street, Pizzarro.

Before I start on Pizzarro, I need to point out that this is the good change. I have a ton of choices of nearby choices to go for decent, not behind a plexiglass wall, carry outs and restaurants. I didn't have this when I moved here. When I moved here, I and others were trying to figure out what places would bother delivering to this area. Sometimes we were conveniently just out of many pizza and other places delivery zones. Now, we've got restaurants and drivers will come to my door.


Pizzarro is fine. We were there to pick up and go home so I could get back to work, so we weren't planning to stick around. While we waited for our pizza and calzone, my eyes took in the place. It was kinda nice. It has the possibilities of being better. It's just missing something. Maybe that something is whatever is supposed to go in that bricked corner. Maybe it is beer and wine. Maybe it is wi-fi. Whatever it is, it was, it was missing. We were there around 6pm and it was fairly empty.

In about 15-20 minutes we had food and headed home. I got a small 10" pizza with cheese, red sauce, pepperoni, red onions, and red peppers. The Help got some sort of calzone. The Help is not that picky about his food (not a foodie) so I'll just stick to his observation regarding size. It was a big calzone. He ate half of it and left the other half for lunch. I ate a little over half my pizza and had the rest the next day for lunch.

It was good. It tasted like the kind of pizza I'd make, except I'd throw arugula on mine. I don't remember that as a choice. It wasn't greasy, as pepperoni is that kind of topping. The center wasn't doughy. The crust wasn't all that thin, which unless I want thin crust, is fine. It was good pizza.

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