Not another [insert name of DC neigborhood here]

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When some folks want to get their neighbors up in a lather about a new business opening up that they don't like they'll say that their neighborhood will become another Adams Morgan, known for no parking and loud intoxicated crowds. Georgetown is also used as shorthand, but typically more positive, eventhough it too is known for no parking.

The Bloomingdale Blog has posts about the coming sushi place, and Costa Brava a tapas place. When the Help and I drive down 1st Street on a Friday night we see the crowds sitting on the patio of Rustik, people walking from Baccio with pizza boxes in hand, and people sitting in front of Big Bear. At this rate 1st Street is going to be a destination place, but not another U Street or another crowded neighborhood. Rather I imagine it will be like an Eastern Market sans year round indoor market and craft vendors. But that sort of shorthand doesn't really work, either. Bloomingdale will more than likely carve out its own idenity as a cute neigborhood with large turreted townhomes (larger than mine) and some nice eateries and bars. Who knows in 5-10 years you may be able to say "Bloomingdale" and that would be enough.

Tonight at the ANC 5C meeting, Big Bear is on the agenda for a rezoning issue. If you so desired you could show up at the meeting and support Big Bear and in some way support the evolution of the neighborhood by supporting businesses in a primarily residential area.

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