If your bike was stolen

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Bikes at shaw
Bikes get stolen in this city. And it doesn't matter if it is in your back yard, or on your balcony, if it ain't locked there is a strong chance it will get stolen. If your bike has a lock, and it is in your back yard, surrounded by a 6-8 foot tall fence, there is still a chance it will get stolen.
So what to do?
One you can go on-line to the MPD's site and use their online reporting tool.
Two, you can visit the flea market on Florida and 9th, I've heard of a few people finding their bikes there.
Three, and this is rare, you can hunt down your bike looking at every cyclist you see and chase down the bike, scream at the guy on it and take it back. This happened for a neighbor, she's small but feisty.

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