If you want to beat yourself over gentrification

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In today's Post in their Root DC section there is an article expressing dislike of the demographic changes along U Street. The tagline, "Our Events. Our Community. Our Lives." I explained to the very melanin challenged Help, "Our" is another way of saying, "not you."
It starts off with the new bar, the Brixton. Brixton is the London neighborhood with a lot of racial similarities as Shaw. I visited Brixton for one of my gentrification tours and wrote about it. Others wrote about the similarities too. But then the article accuses folks creating and patronizing places like Marvin, Eatonville, and Busboys and Poets of swagger-jacking. Would it be better to just go to the Ethiopian places instead? Or ignore the history altogether? Rename the Ellington condos!
You can't have it both ways. You can't ask people who are outside your culture to appreciate your history and then turn around and accuse them of stealing. But then again, people keep doing it all the time.

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I think each one has its own culture, you can not force a person to enjoy or make the rituals of other people if she does not want. Well, that's my opinion.

I loved the blog. congratulations.

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