He Who Shall Not Be Named- Stirrin' it up

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I caught this on Curbed, something about a Shaw ANC being under fire. It turns out it's He Who Shall Not Be Named, making the accusations that Alex Padro is up to no good. HWSNBN was up to no good long before, but that was a few elections & a civic group takeover ago. Padro is guilty of being overly involved in the neighborhood, not only being the ANC but also heading the exceedly active Shaw Main Streets and being involved in a bunch of other stuff 'round here. I gather HWSNBN is not happy that generous funds were not directed at his groups. Strange, that such a little bity portion of the city has all these neighborhood groups competing with each other. Also the post fails to mention what is this hefty salary that Padro is taking in as these things are relative.

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Shaw will not truly make that final leap until HWSNBN is removed. He's malignant.

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